Speech & Debate

NCU演讲和辩论竞争西北取证会议,检验我们对俄勒冈州的乔治福克斯大学大学,爱达荷大学和西北拿撒勒大学,等等勇气。团队成员在竞争平台上的发言内容丰富,或娱乐说服力的主题;散文,诗歌或戏剧的口译;和校际辩论主要是在IPDA和BP格式。 NCU团队成员有说服力的演讲和戏剧化演绎带回家的奖杯和合格的国民NFA。

The forensics team participates in four tournaments a year including traveling to, Lewis & Clark in October, 林菲尔德学院 in November, 太平洋大学 in January and 俄勒冈州立大学 in February. NCU hosts two or three SatuRDay-only scrimmages under the auspices of the Willamette Valley League, which draws debaters from Lane Community College and the 俄勒冈大学. In conjunction with Lambda Pi Eta, 日e NCU sponsored Ona Bake Literary Society hosts a tournament in October for home-schooling debaters aND speakers.There are plenty of opportunities for STudents participate in competitive forensics at NCU.

博士。多伊尔srader 对于法医小组演讲教练,并曾参与有着三十年竞争取证。